Logar Valley – Brložnica Waterfalls

Easy thematic trail from the hut Dom planincev in Logarska dolina to the Brložnica waterfalls. The estimated total time of excursion is 2 hours.

Starting point: Hut Dom planincev (837 m)
Duration of the walk: 2:00 hours
Difficulty of route: easy partly marked trail
Altitude difference: 160 m
Recommended equipment: /


Access: Solcava : Logarska dolina (valley) – Dom planincev (hut with the restaurant). Starting point is at the altitude of 837 m. From the hut leads the pathway towards the inner valley. This pathway is a part of the educational naturalistic trail. After 10 min. of walk is a charcoal-burners hut and after another 10 min. of walk is a wooden bridge over the Brloznica brook. After the bridge is a path to the right, which leads to the natural window about 200 m higher. Approach to the first waterfall up to the stream is from the path to the right along the brook- about 100 m from the wooden bridge. There is no path. Some climbing is necessary but it really worths: the lower waterfall of the Brloznica is very beautifull and magnificant one. The right tributary of the Brloznica brook has a non permanent waterfall. It is located a 100 m right from the lower waterfall on the same altitude.