Log pod Mangartom – Soteska Moznice (Nemclje)

Marked and somewhere demanding path that leads us to the hidden treasure, the Možnice Gorge or. Nemčlja Gorge. The estimated time of walking is 4 hours.

Starting point: Bovec / Log pod Mangartom
Google Map Route: Soteska Gorge
Walk time: 1 hour
Difficulty of the route: demanding and partially marked path
Altitude starting point: 528 m /1732 ft
Altitude difference: 350 m / 1148 ft


Starting point trail description:
1. Bovec-Log pod Mangartom. A forest road branches to left over Koritnica before village Log. We park on a parking lot by this forest road.
2. Predel-Log pod Mangartom. We drive towards Bovec. A forest road towards Možnica branches to right before it crosses a bridge over Koritnica. There is a parking lot at the beginning of this road.

Trail description:
The parking lots continue as forest road. After 10 minutes of walking left to focus our signpost down. Focusing on that path, which over the lawn and then follow through the woods to the bridge where the visible space.