Maribor is the capital of Styria and the second largest city in Slovenia.

Name: Maribor
Region / Province: Drava region / Styria
Altitude: 262 m
Area: 41 km2
Population:  94.876 (2017)
Geographical Position: 46.5575563, 15.6463337
Google map: Maribor


Maribor is wonderfully nestled in the embrace of the green Pohorje Mountains on one side and the picturesque wine-growing hills on the other. The city is located by the Drava River and in its centre grows the oldest – over 450 years old – vine in the world. Can you imagine this? This is definitely the most important wine-growing area in Slovenia. The beautiful plant of respectable age is certainly one of the many reasons why the Maribor – Pohorje, Slovenian Styria destination is worth a visit. All the wonderful features contribute to the well-being of local people and we sincerely believe that you will also feel great here.