Snežna cave (Snow cave)

At an altitude of 1556 meters lies one of the world's most magnificent highlands caves, the Snežna Cave.

Original name: The Snežna Cave Raduha
Region: Savinja-Šalek regija
The length of the cave: 1300 m
The depth of the cave: 20 m
Altitude: 1556 m
Temperature in the cave: 0-4 °C
Geographical coordinates: 46.398570, 14.742001
Google map: Snežna Cave


The Snežna Cave is located on the slopes of Raduha, at 1556 metres above sea level, and is the highest grotto in Slovenia that is still accessible to visitors. We enter the cave in the company of a speleologist – guide along a 40 metre long ladder, down to the Ice Hall, where an ice lake is located. The ceiling of the cave is adorned by icy stalactites. The Ice Hall continues into a narrow part, named the Snow Forest. The path then guides us on to the Dining Room and the Hall of Stagshorn stalactites. Sinter formations are characteristic for the cave (stalactites, canopies, pans, stagshorn stalactites, etc.).