Možnica or Nemclja Gorge

River Možnica on its way from its source to the mouth into the river Koritnica creates a beautiful gorges, waterfalls and two natural bridges. The area of the Možnica river is a natural monument.

Original name: Korita Možnice / Možnica Gorge

Mountains / Park: Julian Alps / Triglav National Park
Type of attractions: River gorge
Length: 7,5 km / 24.606 ft
Maximum depth: 28 m
Altitude: 600 m / 1968 ft
Geographical coordinates: 46.381306, 13.572040
Google map: Natural monument Moznica Gorge


The Možnica stream (also known as the Nemčlja) runs for some 2 km through the Možnica valley overlooked by Rombon (2208 m) and Jerebica (2126 m), finally flowing into the Koritnica river. On its way Možnica stream creates beautifull gorges, natural bridges and waterfalls.


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