Soča Valley - Posočje

The Soca Valley is situated at the juncture of Mediterranean, Dinaric and Alpine worlds. The exceptionally dynamic terrain and numerous mountain and forest roads and cart tracks give plenty of opportunity for active hollydays.

Landscape name: Dolina Soče ali Posočje
Region / Province: North Primorska / Goriška region / Northwest Slovenia
Cities: Nova Gorica,Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec
Google map: Map of the Soča Valley


The River Soča, which has a distinct emerald green colour, is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Its water flows across waterfalls, small waterfalls, and cascades as well as through narrow rocky gorges, and along the way it has carved surprising canyons and pools. The river and its tributaries excite the lovers of natural beauty and seekers of adventurous water sports , such as wildwater kayaking, rafting, canyoning etc. A renowned fish lives in the River Soča – the Soča Trout, which attracts fishermen from all over the world. The mountainous landscape above the River Soča was the scene of the largest mountain battle in history during World War I.

If you begin exploring the valley at the source of the River Soča, the first town of some size is Bovec. Nearby, there is the Boka Waterfall, the waterfall that has the most abundant flow of water in Slovenia. It is 144 m high. In Soča Valley, there is meney mountain trails to the beautiful mountains of Julian Alps. Mountain trail will take also you to Lake Krn, the largest high-elevation mountain lake in Slovenia. Mangart mountain you can reach by taking the highest mountain road in Slovenia.

The Soča Valley is a paradise for water sports, hiking, biking, paragliding, and other activities in nature.

Places in Soča Valley – Posočje

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