The most naturally preserved part of Slovenia with unspoiled nature and the last virgin forest in Slovenia. Landscape with lake, wetland and one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia, the river Krka.

Landscape name: Kočevje / Kočevsko
Region / Province: South-East Slovenia
Cities: Kočevje
Google map: Kočevsko


Virgin forest is a forest in which man has not intervened. Development of forest follows the natural laws. Birth and death take place without the interference of man that nature often impose their ‘smart’ decisions. Therefore, nowadays these forests are also a very important classroom, where people can learn many things. Here, we do not chop, do not do house cleaning of dead trees and do not gather berries. We do not disturb the silence.

Entry is prohibited in this part of forest, so we have diverted hiking tracks along, from where you can “peek” on some of the most beautiful parts of the forest. This is quite enough to see just how this forest differs from the one that was arranged according to our criteria.

In Slovenia, there are very few preserved virgin forests or their residues. Most of them are located in Kočevska region, six with a total area 220ha. Among the best-known are Rajhenavski Rog and Krokar virgin forest, who has subscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage List. Other virgin forests are Strmec, Prelesnikova Koliševka, Kopa and Pečka.

The area is rich in cultural heritage, offering a shelter to those seeking for a hideaway in the past. The forests are home to many indigenous beasts – bear, wolf, wild cats and lynx.


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