The Rinka Waterfall is a 90 meter high waterfall and is one of the highest free falling waterfalls in Slovenia.

Name of the waterfall: Rinka
Mountains range: Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe
Total hight of the waterfall: 105m / 344ft
The higest waterfall level: 90m / 295ft
Alititude: 1120m / 3674ft
Geographical data:  46.370849,14.5906308
Google map: Rinka Waterfall


Rinka Waterfallall, alongside the recognisable landscape, world-famous panorama and the exquisite meadows nestling amidst the peaks of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, is the main attraction in the Logar Valley. Water flows from a wide face of the rock and is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia with a height of 90m. It is located in the upper section of the valley – accessible from the parking area at the end of the paved road along the simple blazed trail in a mere 15 minutes. Soon after reaching the ground, the water disappears, then reappears in the lower sections of the valley near the source of the Črna. In the waterfall rock face is the Orlovo gnezdo snack bar. The mountain trail runs past the waterfall to the Frischauf Hut at Mt. Okrešelj and into the high mountain range.