The Palenk waterfall is a 78 m deep waterfall, which flows over rocky cliffs in Logarska valley. It is declared a natural monument.

Name of the waterfall: Palenk Waterfall
Mountains range: Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe
Total hight of the waterfall: 78 m / 255 ft
Alititude: 730 0m / 2395 4ft
Geographical data:  46.398344, 14.632538
Google map: Palenk Waterfall


Protected as a natural monument, this waterfall lies above the eastern side of the Logarska Dolina Valley, not far from the Hotel Plesnik and Villa Palenk. It plunges 78 metres over a craggy rock-face and, particularly after periods of heavy rain, leaves a mighty impression. Above the Palenk Waterfall there is a narrow gorge containing several exceptionally picturesque smaller falls. In wintertime Palenk becomes an alluring climbing ground for all those keen on scaling frozen waterfalls.
The Palenk Waterfall is a popular place to get married. The waterfall, as well as the Palenk Ravine, are natural monuments.