Grintovec (2558m / 8392ft)

Grintovec is the higest mountain of Kanik-Savinja Alps. From the top of the mountain is fantastic view of Kamnik-Savinja Alp, Julian Alps and Karavanks.

Mountain name: Grintovec
Mountain chain: Kamnik-Savinja Alps
Altitude: 2558 m / 8392ft
Geographical latitude: 46.357231, 14.535280


Grintovec is highest mountain of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It is located above the valley of Kamniška Bistrica, Suhi dol and above the valley of Ravenska Kočna. View from the top is one of the most beautiful towards Jezerska and Kokrska Kočna on the west side, on north you can see Jezerska dolina and the peaks above Jezersko, on the east side is the ridge of Grintovec from Dolgi Hrbet, across Štruca towards to Skuta. On the south side you can see Kalški greben and in setting Ljubljana basin.

There are also some interesting hills, mountains and mountain’s cottage near Grintovec:
Bivouac under Grintovcem (2100m, 6889ft), Bivouac at Kočna (1952m, 6404ft), Češka cottage na Spodnjih Ravneh (1542m, 5059ft), Cojz cottage on Kokrsko sedlo (1793m, 6538ft), Dolgi hrbet (2473m, 8113ft), Jezerska Kočna (2540m, 8333ft), Kokrska Kočna (2520m, 8267ft), Waterfall Čedca (1350m, 4429ft), Štruca (2457m, 8061ft), Vratca (1802m, 5912ft)


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