Matkov škaf / Matko Pit is natural landsmark, it is crater-like snow pit situated in Matkov Kot valley.

Original name: Matkov škaf / Matko pit
Landmark: Natural phenomen
Region: Savinja-Šalek Region
Mountain group: Kamnik-Savinja Alps
Altitude: 1480 m / 4757 ft
Geographical coordinates: 46.396208, 14.598890


Matkov škaf at Matkov kot valley is a peculiar natural landmark (at an elevation of 1,480m) This crater-like snow pit is filled in the summer with snow, while in spring, the thick layer of snow is shaped into a funnel by a slowly trickling waterfall.
The funnel dimensions differ based on the amount of snow. However, on average, the diameter at its widest point measures 20–30 m, growing narrower and narrower. Over the cliff above the snow occasionally trickles over a 40 m waterfall, fed by water from the melting snow trickling from underneath the cirque. The funnel is characterised by rings – layers of coloured snow, responsible for the distinctive appearance.