Bled in Blejsko jezero

Lake Bled with island and church in the middle of the lake is one of the biggest sights in Slovenia.

Original name: Blejsko jezero
Park / Mountains: Julian Alps / Triglav National Park
Lake type: glacial lake
Length: 2.120 m / 6.889 ft
Width:: till 1.380 m / 4527 ft
Maximum depth: 30 m / 98 ft
Lake area: 145 ha
Altitude: 445 m / 1459 ft
Geographical coordinates: 46.363958, 14.093331
Google Map: Bled Lake

This Alpine lake with the only island in Slovenia has been a world-renowned paradise for centuries, impressing visitors with its natural beauty, wealth of legend, and special powers to restore well-being. Look out at the lake from a castle on a cliff and visit the island on a traditional “pletna” boat.

Places in Bled in Blejsko jezero

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